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Techify Solutions & Consulting provide Email Marketing Services in Hamburg Germany and SMS Marketing Services in Hamburg Germany which is one of the direct and detailed means of marketing that allows you to send commercial direct messages and custom designed emails to people at large targeting them on their connection with your products and services.
Email Marketing and SMS Marketing for the most part Techify sends the asked for business, advertisements or sales appeal, or gifts, and are the motivation to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. The Email Marketing Hamburg Germany by Techify Solutions & Consulting is one of the best strategies as it the more convenient approach to grow your business and come in contact with your target audience. Presently Bulk Email Marketing in Hamburg Germany and SMS marketing in Hamburg Germany has advanced so rapidly as compared to the past.

Email marketing or SMS marketing has helped organizations to develop good business relationships between businesses and their customers. This Email Marketing is likewise presently developing in the ongoing mobile phones and the tablets. In any case, there are couple of disadvantages by utilizing these Europe Email Databases as there are individuals who use filters in the account because of which very few messages will get through to your prospects. Email Marketing and SMS Marketing in Hamburg Germany helps to have the good relationship with the business people and the customers. This Bulk Email Marketing Europe is also now evolving in the smartphones and the tablets.

Email Marketing Database Solution

Email marketing is a great way of marketing to promote your business to your customers about products, services or events and business. Comparing to most other online marketing channels email marketing is comparatively inexpensive, a business of all sizes can get it and see the benefits.
Our e-mail marketing software that lets you send customized Newsletter to one or more lists of targeted recipients easily and quickly Hamburg Germany, Europe. Manage campaigns and monitor results using the statistics panel or use the tracking function integrated with Google Analytics! Do not waste any more time and try our newsletter delivery software!
Techify Solutions & Consulting has a huge team of marketing experts and IT & digital marketers who are well versed and have the expertise with tools and support that helps our clients with creation of contents and send e-mails as newsletters and SMS as direct messages to your prospected clients. We at Techify define your offerings concisely for conveying your promotional message in best way possible. Now you can advertise your business with a good description of products and services organized in a way that is attractive, yet very easy to grasp for your customers.

Statistics That We Provide

Email Open rates,
Click through rates (CTR),
Deliverability rate,
Subscriber retention,
Email bounce rate

Our Mobile Number Database is broken into

Europe Locals Only
 Expatriates Only
 Arabic Speakers Only
 English Speakers Only
 Asians Only
 Europeans, American, African Only
 By Specific Nationality Wise (Europe, India, Egypt, Bahrain, America, etc.,), Age Wise
 VIP’s and High Salaried Peoples
 City Wise (Hamburg Germany etc.,)
 Gender Wise (Males or Females)

Why is BULK SMS Campaign Best?

 SMS Marketing is Faster Marketing Way
 Deliver directly to your targeted audience
 Immediate delivery to targeted people
 Text Marketing is Cost effective
 Quick visibility of your business

Why SMS Marketing in Europe?

  Affordable Pricing than any other competitor
  Quick Message Delivery (more than 14 messages per second)
  Advance Onsite/Telephone/Online/Email Support
  Mobile Numbers Databases which make it possible to deliver your SMS to most interesting recipients only
  No Setup Charges, No Monthly Charges, No Specific Volume Commitment
  User Friendly Web Based Application which allow you to send Single Bulk SMS and History/Monthly Analysis Reports
  Integration Facility in your Existing Web/Desktop Based Applications
  SMS Reply Option can be provided

SMS Application Features

  SMS Marketing By Your Company Name
  Web Based Application
  Full Support to send SMS in English/Arabic/other Languages
  Phonebook-Can store contacts as well as Manage Contacts in Groups
  User can be able to send Single or Bulk SMS
  User can send Bulk SMS from any computer just having Internet Browser
  Integration Facility in your Existing Web/Desktop Based Applications
  View Messages History & Delivery Report
View Credits Information

Bulk SMS Services Hamburg Germany

We can do Bulk SMS Marketing and target your customers based on below categories phone number database

Arabic Speakers Only (Local People or other Country Arabic Speaker)
Phone number database of English speakers
Asians People
By Specific Nationality Wise (Male and Female)
Job Title and Salaries Based
City Wise (Hamburg Germany etc.)
Gender Wise (Males or Females)


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